South of 30 4th of July Celebration!!

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Private Residence

South of 30 is a versatile and dynamic rock band that celebrates the fusion of Top 40 rock, country, and pop. Their exhilarating performances captivate audiences with a blend of genres, leaving music lovers craving more. With impressive musicianship, the band molds classic hits with a modern twist, creating an energetic atmosphere at every show. Keyboardist and vocalist Val Gardner, along with the bassist and vocalist Kevin Gardner, guitarist and vocalist Mike Carbonara, and drummer Larry Mysliwiec, seamlessly blend their backgrounds and influences to form a cohesive unit. Their live performances showcase their versatility, confidently tackling a variety of genres. South of 30's onstage chemistry connects with the audience, leaving them chanting for encores. Their upcoming shows will take their high-voltage performances as far as their family, friends, and God allows. Give South of 30 the opportunity at your venue to witness their remarkable showmanship. To stay updated with the band's releases, performance dates, and news, follow them on social media and visit their website